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Dimensions and Theme in The Killers Free Essays

Just before the stupendous monetary emergency of the free enterprise world, the late 1920’s is a violent period in the U. S. A. We will compose a custom exposition test on Measurements and Theme in The Killers or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now with viciousness and awfulness pervading the entire society underneath the outside of the brief consistent quality and thriving. Among all the books delineating the dull life at that point, The Killers is collectively considered as the best for its eminent method and significant topic. The Killers offers an ideal case of an account that difficulties and prizes the readers’ view of its structure. The structure of a Hemingway’s story can as a rule be portrayed, ordinarily enough, with a lot of scenes set apart by an adjustment in setting or by a difference in characters. What is offbeat thus records his popularity as a pioneer is that the scenes regularly are compared with little change and less rationale to impact or clarify their succession or method of reasoning because of his writing style with its punctuation connecting sentences and straightforward causes without combination and subjection. It is not necessarily the case that the structures of the narratives need structure or huge example, yet they are intelligent and associated in such a measurement which Hemingway said he gained from cizanne’s artistic creations. In The Killers, there are absolutely three primary scenes: Henry’s lounge, Hirsch’s living house, and again Henry’s break room. The primary scene opens with two outsiders entering Henry’s lounge, where George is looking out for Nick Adams at the counter. The outsiders, Al and Max, attempt fruitlessly to arrange from the burger joint menu, at that point settle for sandwiches, after which their casual discussion turns monstrous. Al takes Sam the cook and Nick into the kitchen, muffles and ties them up, and afterward he and Max uncover that they are standing by to execute the heavyweight prize contender Ole Andreson when he comes to eat at six o’ clock. Finally, Ole Andreson doesn't show up; the executioners leave. In the subsequent scene, Nick goes to Hirsch’s living house to inform Ole concerning two men standing by to execute him and offers to tell the police; however Ole, lying on his bed and taking a gander at the divider, says that he misunderstood in; there is nothing to do and he is through running. In the third scene, Nick returns to Henry’s lounge and tells Sam and George his involvement with Hirsch’s staying house. Sam won’t hear it out and goes to the kitchen. The story closes as Nick thinks about what Ole did, and George says; â€Å"Double-crossed someone. That’s what they execute them for. â€Å"I’m going to escape this town,† Nick said. â€Å"Yes,† said George, â€Å"That’s something to be thankful for to do. † â€Å"I can’t remain to consider him holding up in the room and realizing he will get it. It’s excessively dreadful. † â€Å"Well,† said George, â€Å"you’d better no t consider it. † In the initial two scenes, the perusers may get mistook for the game plan and disappointedly neglect to work out the subject, for regardless of all the approaching savagery and apparently unavoidable gore, nothing occurs: the executioners don't slaughter and their casualty despite everything lies with his face to divider. The components of the initial two scenes appear to as a matter of course guide the readers’ focus toward the story’s verifiable subtleties: the two executioners Al and Max are indistinct, dressed like twins or a â€Å"vaudeville team†; their sandwich orders are traded; they eat with their gloves on; they call George â€Å"bright boy† and recommends him heading out to see a film; they get the break room arranged for the slaughtering; the nigger cook over and again gripes and of George gives his imprudent comments. Notwithstanding, regardless of what picture the perusers have of the two measurements, it will mirror the undeniable evenness between them: the activity of the main scene is trailed by the response of the second. Furthermore, as the story proceeds onward to the third measurement where the topic at long last set in, the perusers, with a suggestive view, can make sense of that all the subtleties which appear to be superfluous to the slaughtering in the past two measurements, presently, in re-observation, are firmly sewn to serve the subject. The episode happens when three men are in Henry’s break room: the cook Sam and the two servers, George and Nick. Sam, from the earliest starting point, attempts best to get himself far from this executing: when Nick needs to go to educate Andreson, he advices Nick â€Å"to avoid it†, â€Å"not to have anything to do with it by any stretch of the imagination. † Then Nick chooses to go to Andreson in Hirsch’s living house, he says: â€Å"Little young men consistently realize what they need to do,† parodying youngsters like Nick think nothing about conceivable risk in the risky society. At long last, Nick returns and gives his record of Ole Andreson’s response, he won’t even hear it out and shut himself in the kitchen. Having seen a great deal of such savagery of the general public and got terrified by his own experience a few minutes prior, Sam knows unmistakably the risk and dimness, and doesn't â€Å"want anything else of that. † Thus he acts in a fearful manner to protect his own security. George additionally appears to be very acquainted with such a business: he turns out to be dubious of the two men when they botch their own request and eat with their gloves on. When the two executioners notice Andreson, he knows their motivation of murdering that fighter. In spite of the fact that he requests that Nick go to see Andreson, he couldn't care less the entire thing much. At the point when Nick asks him for what reason the need to execute Andreson, he simply make pompous clarification â€Å"double-crossed someone, that’s what they slaughter them for. † For him, killing is anything but a major occasion, since there are numerous â€Å"them† killed by â€Å"they† consistently, he essentially has just became acclimated to it. Of the three men, Nick is the one in particular who demonstrates extraordinary worry to the endeavored murdering. Sufficiently guiltless, he, regardless of Sam’s notice, goes to advise the fighter. In Hirsch’s staying house, the fighter, albeit knowing himself in harm's way, lies on his bed powerlessly and wouldn't like to run. He tells Nick: â€Å"There ain’t anything to do,† â€Å"I’m through with all that running around,† which gives Nick a significantly more awful stun than that he is choked and tied up by the two executioners. So frightened Nick is, he chooses to leave the town, â€Å"I can’t remain to consider him holding up in the room and knowing he’s going to get it. It ‘s excessively condemned dreadful. † Thus, at this stage, the perusers can see that the topic that Hemingway needs to communicate isn't just to uncover the brutality and choppiness of society around then, however in an increasingly significant measurement, to uncover the stun and hurt of all these violence and underhandedness to the honest spirits like Nick who will bear the picture of that bound fighter into his development. In this way, despite the fact that the title of the story is The Killers, the saint is really the youngster Nick, whose guiltlessness in the setting of the remorselessness of the executioners, the weakness of the cook, the impassion of George and the lose faith in regards to Ole Andreson, refracts the flimsiness and savagery of the general public at that confused time. In The Killers, Hemingway, with his geometric plan of the scenes, presents an account of straightforward plot however significant importance, exposing the instability and choppiness of the clearly flourishing society. Perusing this story is much the same as review cizanne’s scene artworks: one has huge space to see and value its magnificence and importance in various measurements. Step by step instructions to refer to Dimensions and Theme in The Killers, Papers

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Designing a Toasting Oven in Order to Produce Corn Flakes

Prof. Dr. Suat Ungan Fd. E. 425 Food Engineering Design Coordinator Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department Ankara 06531 November 25, 2011 Dear Mr. Ungan, Please acknowledge the going with Work Term Report, pointed planning a toasting stove so as to deliver corn pieces. In the structured framework 10 tons corn pieces for every day is delivered. After certain procedures, corn chips enters the cooking broiler at 20% stickiness and ways out at 4%humidity. The broiling broiler can work at (Â ±10 ? C) 225 0C. Toasting stove is planned by thinking about its length, region and working temperature.Optimizations are finished by these variables on the expense of the all out structure. In the plan framework, turning drum drier is utilized. 350 days of the year plant works and creation happens 16 hours in a day. Corn pieces enter the stove at 225 0C . Measure of air is determined as 0,648 kg dry air/s . Length of the drier is determined as 2. 27 m. in the aftereffect of adv ancements done by legitimate drying time and dryer breadth. Warmth vitality expected to raise the channel temperature of air to 225 0C, is found as 157kw and warmth misfortune is found as 23. 6kw.Through these information, absolute venture which contains dryer cost and power cost is found as 92794. 98TL. Truly, bunch 3 individuals TABLE OF CONTENT SUMMARY In this plan a rotational dryer is intended for drying of corn drops which have the dampness content 20%. Corn pieces are dried with air 9 % dampness content. The creation is accomplished for 16 hours in a day and 10 tons corn pieces are delivered every day. Underway procedure, corn pieces are cooked under tension. Subsequent to cooking step, huge masses are broken to pieces and sent to driers so as to get the dampness level at 20%. After this procedure, roduct is chipped between huge steel chambers and cooled with inside water stream. Delicate pieces are sent to rotating dryers so as to lack of hydration to 4% last dampness substa nce and toasting. In the toasting stove, pieces are presented to 225 0C air for 2-3 min. The drier length is determined as 2. 27 m with the width of 0. 082m with the supposition of 4%moisture substance gulf air and 9%content outlet air. Stream pace of feed is determined as 0. 206kg/s. Mass stream pace of the delta air is determined as 0,648 kg dry air/s. Vitality required for carry the temperature of air to 225 0C is determined as 157kw and warmth misfortune in the framework is 23. kw. By making improvements all out capital venture is determined as92794. 98TL which incorporates 84881TL power cost and 7913TL dryer cost. At last by making advancements, so as to have least length and reasonable vitality for the drier, 215 0C is picked the best temperature for the gulf air. I. Presentation Rotary dryers conceivably speak to the most seasoned ceaseless and without a doubt the most widely recognized high volume dryer utilized in industry, and it has developed a greater number of adjustmen ts of the innovation than some other dryer arrangement. [1] Drying the materials is a significant utilization process.It is additionally one of the significant parts in concrete creation procedure, and influences the quality and utilization of the crushing machine. Drum dryer is the primary gear of drying materials, it has straightforward structure, solid activity, and advantageous to oversee. Anyway there are a few issues which are colossal warmth misfortune, low warm proficiency, high warmth utilization, more residue, and hard to control the dampness out of the machine. It assumes a noteworthy job in improving drying innovation level and warm effectiveness in drying process, decrease the warm and creation lost. 2] In this plan we are approached to structure a revolving drier which works 16 hours in a day and produces 10 tones corn drops for every day. Likewise it is referenced that, corn chips enters to drier at 20 %humidity and ways out 3-5%humidity. This report is tied in with p lanning a rotational dryer with its measurements for considering to get the base all out expense. Advancements are finished by delta temperature of the air to the drier. In the structure framework heat required for warming the gulf temperatures and length of the turning dryer as material expense is suspected, and improvement is finished by thinking about least all out expense for the system.II. Past WORK Drying is maybe the most seasoned, most basic activity of concoction designing unit tasks. More than 400 sorts of dryers have been accounted for in the writing while more than one hundred particular sorts are regularly available[3] Drying happens by affecting vaporization of the fluid by giving warmth to the wet feedstock. Warmth might be provided by convection (direct dryers), by conduction (contact or backhanded dryers), radiation or by microwave. More than 85 percent of modern dryers are of the convective sort with sight-seeing or direct ignition gases as the drying medium.Over 9 9 percent of the applications include evacuation of water. [3] * Rotary Dryer; All turning dryers have the feed materials going through a pivoting chamber named a drum. It is a barrel shaped shell normally developed from steel plates, marginally slanted, commonly 0. 3-5 m in width, 5-90 m long and pivoting at 1-5 rpm. It is worked now and again with a negative inward weight (vacuum) to forestall dust escape. Contingent upon the course of action for the contact between the drying gas and the solids, a dryer might be named immediate or aberrant, con-current or counter-current.Noted for their adaptability and overwhelming development, rotating dryers are less delicate to wide variances in throughput and item size. [4] * Pneumatic/Flash Dryer;The pneumatic or ‘flash’ dryer is utilized with items that dry quickly attributable to the simple expulsion of free dampness or where any required dispersion to the surface happens promptly. Drying happens surprisingly fast. Wet materi al is blended in with a surge of warmed air (or different gas), which passes on it through a drying conduit where high warmth and mass exchange rates quickly dry the product.Applications incorporate the drying of channel cakes, precious stones, granules, glues, ooze and slurries; in truth practically any material where a powdered item is required. * Spray Dryers; Spray drying has been one of the most vitality devouring drying forms, yet it stays one that is basic to the creation of dairy and food item powders. Fundamentally, splash drying is practiced by atomizing feed fluid into a drying chamber, where the little beads are exposed to a surge of sight-seeing and changed over to powder particles.As the powder is released from the drying chamber, it is gone through a powder/air separator and gathered for bundling. Most shower dryers are prepared for essential powder assortment at effectiveness of around 99. 5%, and most can be provided with optional assortment gear if fundamental * Fl uidised Bed Dryer; Fluid bed dryers are found all through all ventures, from substantial mining through food, fine synthetic compounds and pharmaceuticals. They give a compelling technique for drying moderately free streaming particles with a sensibly limited molecule size distribution.In general, liquid bed dryers work on a through-the-bed stream design with the gas going through the item opposite to the course of movement. The dry item is released from a similar area. * Hot Air Dryer-Stenter; Fabric drying is typically completed on either drying chambers (moderate drying) or on stenters (last drying). Drying chambers are fundamentally a progression of steam-warmed drums over which the texture passes. It has the downside of pulling the texture and successfully decreasing its width.For this explanation it will in general be utilized for middle of the road drying * Contact Drying-Steam Cylinders/Can; This is the least complex and least expensive method of drying woven textures. It is fundamentally utilized for middle of the road drying as opposed to last drying (since there is no methods for controlling texture width) and for pre drying before stentering. * Infra red drying; Infrared vitality can be produced by electric or gas infrared radiators or producers. Every vitality source has focal points and disadvantages.Typically, gas infrared frameworks are progressively costly to purchase since they require wellbeing controls and gas-taking care of gear, however they frequently are more affordable to run since gas normally is less expensive than power. Gas infrared is regularly a decent decision for applications that require a great deal of vitality. Items, for example, nonwoven and material networks are models where gas frequently is a decent decision. [5] * III. Conversation For the planned framework a turning drum dryer is picked. Revolving drum dryerâ is utilized for drying material with dampness or granularity in the enterprises of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical.It has preferred position of sensible structure, high effectiveness, low vitality consumption[6] Â advantages of drum dryer: | Suitable for dealing with fluid or pale feeds. Item is fine, flaky structure Uniform drying because of uniform utilization of film. Medium range limits. High warm proficiency Continuous activity Compact establishment Closed development is possibleâ [7] By tourist stream, heat for Toasting of the pieces in the drier, or in the broiler, is given rather utilizing level preparing surfaces. Contingent upon the creation type and stream rate, drum dryer fulfills pivoting at a consistent speed, the incline and the length.The drum is additionally punctured so that permits the wind stream inside. The aperture ought not an excessive amount of enormous but rather additionally forestall the departure of pieces. Likewise, during the warm treatment cooking, extension degree, surface, flavor, stockpiling strength is resolved. So as to ge t the right qualities, the drying temperature and time ought to be balanced appropriately. For the improvement of the framework, length of the drier, distance across esteem, working temperature are influence fixed cost, variable expense and the warmth misfortune from the framework is considered.First by any means, changing by temperature how influence essential length is determined T air in| Z| 210| 2,308504| 215| 2,296091| 220| 2,284367| 225| 2,273274| 230| 2,262764| 235| 2,252792| It is see

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HR Management in McDonald Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

HR Management in McDonald - Essay Example At the point when the McDonald’s first eatery was opened in America, it was a one of a kind sort of business that offered a curiosity idea around then. The things on the McDonalds menu were meat or pork burgers, fries and beverages. Their café introduced an alternate sort of spread out around then. The open kitchens for the client see introduced a uniqueness and curiosity to the watchers and visiting clients. With track record of fruitful development on the worldwide scene, McDonald today a colossal system of eateries spread across in excess of 90 nations on the planet and it has made an unmatched progress and a top situation in the inexpensive food Industry during the last the greater part a century time frame. McDonald has consistently sought after a development procedure and it present achievement is intelligent of the sharp feeling of market and client center that it has so effectively kept up. As Ray Kroce who is the on of the structure squares and modeler of current McD onalds opened the first McDonalds eatery in America in 1955, his served great quality dinners in moderate costs and clean seating condition. He was unable to have envisioned the super achievement that McDonalds would procure in the years to come. In any case, he saw that extraordinary achievement that was conveyed by an unrivaled technique sought after in dealing with its business as well as in dealing with its kin inside. HRM at McDonalds: People are a key element of any association and HRM is the key focal point of an inexpensive food industry which is described by high level of client support. McDonalds claims and maintains a business methodology that is profoundly intelligent and subject to an exceptionally capable HRM group. The back office food technologist and the front office client administrations staff have no space for botches by any stretch of the imagination. What is increasingly significant is that McDonalds needs to take care of its drawn out procedure of HRM with the goal that it keeps the best of the individuals in food innovation and cheap food industry. At the general level what drives a HR methodology and its specific circumstance. What is the central purpose of McDonald’s key HR approach? (Harris and John 2009) call attention to that the MD of McDonalds commented that â€Å"maintaining a differing and comprehensive and comprehensive workforce is surely the privilege and legitimate activity, yet we have since quite a while ago kept up that it is the brilliant thing to do.† This portrays McDonalds keeps up an assorted and comprehensive workforce intentionally as it bolsters it development. Assorted variety is one element of the HR of the McDonalds. For the back office creation and quality control, it employs gifted staff, generally cutting edge food technologist and specialists in their field and care for the back office creation and quality control. For the front office, McDonald’s employs client administrations staff t hat are generally untalented and need to experience thorough on-work trainings. The work advertise that McDonald’s addresses for the front office staff is extremely unstructured and incompetent work is favored with more youthful chaps and young ladies who are at or beneath the alumni level. The creation depends on for the most part on vagrant laborers who are deprived for work. The age groups are extremely 16-30 makes and females who are every day/week by week workers doing bad-to-the-bone work without any surprises. They are for the most part accessible for low maintenance and all day occupations with low to direct aptitudes levels. They are taken through thorough in-house on-work preparing by McDonalds. The lawful system allows part

Administrative Justice - Proposal for the Parliamentary Commissioner Essay

Authoritative Justice - Proposal for the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 2010 - Essay Example The Parliamentary Commissioner Act was approved to manage matters of mal-organization. In any case, the Act flopped even to give a definition to the term mal-organization. It has likewise been said under the Parliamentary Commissioner Act of 1967 that the grumblings must be made through a Member of the Parliament. In the vast majority of the cases, the Member of Parliament himself attempts to comprehend the debate and doesn't send it to the Parliamentary Commissioner. This limitation is silly and it can't be made sure that that the complaints of the residents would be served without inclination in such conditions. The trust and certainty of the individuals can't be picked up when there is such a confinement in any enactment. â€Å"It is now and then additionally contended that if the PCA shows up excessively requesting and, a fortiori, in the event that he were managed coercive forces, he may worsen the very issues he is required to settle. Directors might be hesitant to take striki ng choices because of a paranoid fear of the results; ‘defensive administration’ may be attempted: time-squandering methods planned not to facilitate regulatory productivity yet to divert criticism.† (Fenwick and Philipson 2003, p. 240). As per this Act, the Ombudsman investigates grumblings in which that data unlawfully suspended by the administration specialists, yet no legitimate arrangement has been offered to them in the instances of break of the Code by the specialists. This Act has not given a lot more extensive forces to the Ombudsman when contrasted with different countries yet it has been contended that the demonstration suggested gives different forces. â€Å"Under s 5(1) of the Parliamentary Commissioner Act of 1967, the Ombudsman can take up a protest just if the resident has endured foul play because of maladministration; both maladministration and bad form must be appeared and there must be an easygoing connection between them.† (Fenwick 2002,

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Dystopia Transcript Free Essays

Transcript Dystopias are an advanced, envisioned universe which uphold harsh cultural control and the figment of an ideal society are kept up through corporate, bureaucratic, mechanical and moral control, for example, in the content ‘We’ by Yevgeny Zamyatin and ‘2081’ by Chandler Tuttle. Frequently we find in these social orders the manners in which that humankind can be stifled, losing one’s independence and furthermore the manners in which a saint meets people's high expectations the Dystopia’s laws, just to fall flat and become a casualty to the oppressed world, all being regular shows of dystopic writings from which we can find out about our own societies’ imperfections. After the long crusades of One State, the world and every one of its residents are heavily influenced by this authoritarian culture. We will compose a custom exposition test on Oppressed world Transcript or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Through D-503’s diary we see that all people experience the ill effects of lost singularity and feeling most especially from the traditionalist idea of the general public where regimentation and abusive control has freed of the number of inhabitants in opportunity and creative mind, key factors in a human’s uniqueness. The beginning explanation of â€Å"What I think-or, to be progressively precise what we think,† promptly when the novel starts, grandstands the traditionalist idea of One State, connecting to the concealment of sympathetic angles, extrapolated by the theme, the table of hours which is One State’s primary instrument in controlling the populace. This enslavement of residents and further persecution is likewise observed in ‘2081,’ where the more uncommon of the populace being impeded to permit reasonable living. The steady showcase of the impacts of included loads and stun gadgets connected to the individuals who think a lot of show to us exactly how quelled everybody is in the general public. Various close shots of Harrison Bergeron while he created his discourse about the imperfections in their general public light up to us the mistreatment and the dim idea of the general public while he was wearing numerous impairments. â€Å"They had wanted to wreck in me, any hint of the remarkable. Harrison’s guardians likewise show this persecution by the speedy slices to divided recollections which are importantly annihilated by impediment and how the main ones without handicaps are the unintelligent, apparent by Harrison’s mother and the stammering journalist, uncovering how debased the oppressed world has caused the human populace. As in most dystopic fiction, there is a hero which ascends against the society’s laws and afterward turns into a casualty. This is found in the pro gressions that happen to D-503 in ‘We. ‘ Throughout the starting f the novel, D-503 continually adulates the â€Å"mathematically perfect† arrangement of One State, obvious in the steady incorporation of science in his discourse. â€Å"Irrational numbers†¦ I don’t need root †1. † he says as he shows the impact of this traditionalist society and how the publicity around has influenced him. This comes to change in the wake of being acquainted with feeling and creative mind by I 330, building up a ‘soul’. In any case, this causes his destruction as he is then exposed to the incredible activity, which had for all time removed his through and through freedom and creative mind, apparent by his unexpected unconcerned mentality to I-330. From this we can perceive how the show of the legend turning into a casualty to his/her dystopic culture. Thus, Harrison in ‘2081’ experiences comparative occasions as the film advances. He makes an exhibition uncovering what the un-impaired uncommon can accomplish, uncovering what the dystopic culture was concealing all while diegetic sound is played, featuring the significance of his activities which proceed ahead to past his passing on account of different security officials, turning into a casualty to the system in spite of battling against it. Both dystopic writings follow the different shows and thoughts seen in tragic social orders, laying out to us various blemishes in the human culture and imperfections we can make. As cutting edge settings, these writings offer to us a comprehension from which we can sum up that these dystopic writings are useful examples which we ought to gain from to make a more promising time to come. By Kevin Dai Step by step instructions to refer to Dystopia Transcript, Essay models

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Bank Teller Resume Examples, Template Resume Tips

Bank Teller Resume Examples, Template Resume Tips A bank teller is a versatile position where people of different educational backgrounds can work.You can apply for this position of you have a college degree, if you havent finished college but have taken courses in business, finance, or mathematics, or even if you only have a high school diploma.The job requires great communication skills as it consists mainly of working with customers.A person who works in this position should have strong mathematical skills as well and be calm and precise when dealing with money.Even though there is some technical knowledge that bank tellers have (using certain software programs, cash registers, etc.), these can all be learned on the spot.Many of these positions do not require or require little work experience.So, even if you do not have experience in this field, you may apply and try to get this job.No matter what your educational background is and whether you have previous work experience in this field, if you have the aforementioned skills, you may freely apply for a position as a bank teller.If you are thinking about it, but are not sure how to write an adequate resume and attract the attention of the hiring manager, read this text till the end, and you will have a clearer picture of what your resume should look like.Also, check the biggest CV errors you might have while writing one.In order to simplify your writing of the resume, we have created a resume builder.Check it out and get rid of the worry of how to style it and make it clear and readable.In the continuation, you will see two examples of good resumes and the explanations about how to write each section appropriately.Bank Teller Resume Example Right Bank Teller Resume Sample Right Create your own resumeHOW TO WRITE THE PERSONAL INFO SECTION?This section includes your basic information. It goes without saying that all you write here (as well as in the whole resume) has to be true.It is important that you do not add too much information here â€" you just need to write the data which will be useful for the hiring manager.The necessary information includes the following:First and last nameThough this may seem obvious, it is worth mentioning that you should write your full name (you may include your middle name if you wish to).What you should never do it add the informal nicknames your friends may have given you.For example:Robert Davison RightRobert XtremeBiker Davison WrongRobert Davison is the right choice.Your personal life, your hobbies may be quite irrelevant for the hiring manager (unless they are somehow related to the position you are applying for) and introducing yourself with your nickname will seem very unprofessional.The positionHere, you should wri te the position you are applying for. If you use our resume builder, it will be positioned in such a way that it will be clear to the hiring manager what position you are applying for.Photo (optional)It is up to you whether you will add a photo to your resume or not. In the US and the UK, this is omitted.AddressWrite your full home address as it is not impossible for you to get a letter of acceptance or rejection from the company.Phone numberDouble-check to be sure that you have written your phone number correctly.You do not want to lose the opportunity because the hiring manager couldnt reach you due to the wrong number written in the resume.E-mail addressYou should use an email address which shows your professionalism.The comment is similar to the one you read about writing your name: do not use your nickname.If you do not have one, you should create an email address that contains your first and last name.Take a look at an example of a good and a bad email address.robertdavison@gm WrongSocial media link(s) (optional)LinkedIn is a social media site aimed at making business connections and finding job opportunities.If you are a job seeker, you should certainly have a profile there. Your potential employer will get more information about you there, and it is a chance for you to showcase yourself as a professional.With regard to other social media sites, you should not mention them unless they are somehow related to the job you are applying for.As you are looking for a job of a bank teller, a LinkedIn profile link is enough to be included in the resume. Right or any other social media profile WrongAgain, remember that you are applying for job, not a date.Don’t put your facebook, Instagram, pinterest, or whatever account you have unless it is really related to job.But, let’s be honest, how can any of these profi les be related to the job of a bank teller?So, just linkedin and you are good to go.HOW TO WRITE THE SUMMARY SECTION?The summary section is what the hiring manager will read first.Therefore, it should be catchy, not too long, and easy to remember. It is the part that will entice them to continue reading your resume. Having said this, we may emphasize that this section holds a high significance in the whole resume.It should consist of 3-5 sentences, pointing out your best qualities and achievements for the desired job. You should not use one resume summary for every job application.Quite contrary, you should tailor each one for the specific requirements of the job you are applying for.Look at the job description and use some of the keywords in your summary.This is a successful way to keep the hiring manager’s attention on your resume and to take a giant leap in convincing them that you are a perfect match for the job.Here are several pieces of advice on how to write this section.It should start with your qualifications and, if possible, work experience.It should contain two or three of your greatest achievements.Try to express your achievements in numbers, as this will stick in the mind of the hiring manager longer. Also, numbers are easily comparable so impressive figures will surely make you stand out.Here is an example of a resume summary:SummaryBank Teller with 6 years of experience in providing customer service, handling customer transactions successfully, and balancing cash drawers. Over 90% of the people Ive assisted gave me the highest rating. Handled 100% of the bank transactions successfully while also keeping an eye on the clients and making sure they get a satisfactory service. RightHOW TO WRITE THE EXPERIENCE SECTION?How to write this section of your resume is very important, as you will present yourself as a worker and you certainly want to make a good impression on the hiring manager.There are several pieces of information that need to be incl uded here:The period when you worked,Your position,The company you worked for,Several bullet points describing your duties and achievements in that workplace.It is worth taking the time to discuss the last item on the list duties and achievements.You should write at least 3 or 4, but not more than 5 or 6. You do not want to make it too short so that it seems that you didn’t do much while you were working there.On the other hand, you neither want to make it too long and make the hiring manager spend too much time reading about your one job. You should balance between those two.Choose the items you think would relate best to the position you are applying for. In this way, you will show the hiring manager that the previous job experience has prepared you for this position very well.If you choose between duties and achievements, it is strongly advisable that you focus on your achievements.It is ideal to add numbers as much as you can since this is both a good visual aid and easy to r emember, so it can make you stand out among the crowd of other candidates.If you have more than one work experience to list in this section, list the last one first.Then move on the experience before that one, and so on.That is the so-called reverse chronological order.If you do not have much formal work experience, you may fill this section with your experience as an intern or a volunteer. The same rules will apply.In the continuation, you will see an example of one work experience point from a resume.HOW TO WRITE THE EDUCATION SECTION?The basic education requirement for a bank teller is a high school diploma or GED.A college degree is not required, but it is certainly a big advantage if you have one.However, even if you have gone to college, but still have not earned a degree, having taken certain courses will be beneficial for getting hired.These are courses in business, math, or finance. Some schools also offer shorter bank teller education programs, where you can learn the basi c skills and competencies necessary for a bank teller.When you write the education section, every item you list should have several points: the name of the educational institution, the period when you attended it, and several bullets about your biggest achievements during that period.Read on for some useful tips on writing this section:Use the reverse chronological order. Always start with most recently finished school, and go back in time.Write the degree you earned.Include your grade point average (GPA) if it is high. It is a good indicator that you are a hard worker and that you have much knowledge of the field.Include any honor or awards you have received during your schooling.Include the relevant courses you have taken.Add any relevant certification if you have them. They add to your qualifications for the job.HOW TO WRITE THE SKILLS SECTION?There are many skills you may want to write in your resume.Here, we will take a look at three groups of skills. It is strongly advisable t hat you include some from all the groups.However, bear in mind that it is not good to oversell yourself.Do not write every single skill you find is compatible with the job you are applying for.Write those that are truly a part of your personality. Remember never to lie, as the employers know exactly to spot a lie in your resume.Remember business or school projects in which you participated. You have probably acquired some skills from those.And those skills are the ones that should be included in your resume, as you will have the argumentation and examples to show that you really have them and that you haven’t made them up.Below, you will see some of the skills which are useful for the position of a bank teller.They are divided into three groups: technical, cash handling, and customer service skills.You can notice that those are three components that are inseparable from this kind of job.Bank tellers often use their mathematical skills as well as various computer programs.Therefore , it is very important that the candidate has at least the basic knowledge of computer use (for example, using the Microsoft Office Suite). Knowledge of any additional bank-related software is a plus.Also, abilities such as data entry are fast typing speed can set you apart from other candidates and show you as someone who can be an efficient worker.Here are some technical skills:Data entry skillsStrong typing skills (include words per minute)Proficient with Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OutlookNuPoint teller software experienceIt is quite obvious why cash handling is important here. If you get this job, you will be working with quite a lot of money.Having appropriate skills in this field will give the hiring manager the impression that you will not have many problems while you work and that money will go smoothly through your hands.Strong mathematical skillsKnowledge of proper cash handling proceduresBalance allocationLoan processingPetty cash managementKnowledge of fi nancial principles and practicesLedger balancingCash drawer maintenanceTax preparationNumeracy skillsSkilled at receiving and processing banking transactionsThe last group of skills is customer service skills. A great deal of a bank teller’s job is to work with customers, and it will be important for the potential employer to know that you have the necessary skills to deliver the goods.A person occupying this position should be friendly, patient, and helpful.These are the skills you can acquire at any job which includes dealing with customers â€" a sales assistant or a call center agent.Conflict resolutionAttention to detailTeamworkDiscretionProblem-solvingWritten and spoken communication skillsReliabilityForeign languageThe overall list of skills you are aiming to list in your resume would look like this:SkillsStrong typing skills (70 wpm)Knowledge of financial principles and practicesNumeracy skillsStrong mathematical skillsWritten and spoken communication skillsConflict resolut ion RightSkillsTypes fast (or strong typing skills without the wpm), great mathematical skills, amazing communication WrongImagine   you see this list of skills. We can see that this person included a couple of skills from every skill set, showing that she is versatile and able to perform her job well. She mentioned a technical skill: typing speed, three cash handling skills: knowledge of financial principles and practices, numeracy and mathematical skills, and two customer service skills: written and spoken communication and conflict resolution. She didn’t overdo it, but she did make her set of skills various.For more in-depth researched list, try reading this article on best skills to include in your resume.CONCLUSIONYou could have found useful tips on writing a resume for applying for the position of a bank teller. A resume is the first step towards obtaining the desired job.It is what gives the hiring manager the first impression of you as a potential employee of their compa ny.Your goal should be to present yourself as a professional and as a good worker who fulfills the job requirements.We will give you one advice for the end of this article â€" tailor your resume according to the job description and scatter the keywords that you read about the job all over your resume.This will show that you are a perfect fit for it.Also, for easier writing, use our resume builder and focus solely on the wording and entering the correct information.We will make it look perfect so that the hiring manager will have all the more reasons to call you for an interview. Create your own resume

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Islamic Finance And The Rules Of Islamic Law Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

The financial industry has historically played an important role in the economy of every society. Banks mobilise funds from investors and apply them to investments in trade and business. The history of banking is long and varied, with the financial system as we know it today directly descending from Florentine bankers of the 14th 17th century. However, even before the invention of money, people used to deposit valuables such as grain, cattle and agricultural implements and, at a later stage, precious metals such as gold for safekeeping with religious temples. Around the 5th century BC, the ancient Greeks started to include investments in their banking operations. Temples still offered safe-keeping, but other entities started to offer financial transactions including loans, deposits, exchange of currency and validation of coins. Financial services were typically offered against the payment of a flat fee or, for investments, against a share of the profit. The views of philosophers and theologians on interest have always ranged from an absolute prohibition to the prohibition of usurious or excess interest only, with a bias towards the absolute prohibition of any form of interest. The first foreign exchange contract in 1156 AD was not just executed to facilitate the exchange of one currency for another at a forward date, but a lso because profits from time differences in a foreign exchange contract were not covered by canon laws against usury. In a time when financial contracts were largely governed by Christian beliefs prohibiting interest on the basis that it would be a sin to pay back more or less than what was lent, this was a major advantage. During medieval times (1,000 1,500 AD), Middle Eastern tradesmen would engage in financial transactions on the basis of Shariaa, which incidentally was guided by the same principles as their European counterparts at the time. The Arabs from the Ottoman Empire had strong trade relationships with the Spanish, and established financial systems without interest which worked on a profit- and loss-sharing basis. These instruments catered for the financing of trade and other enterprises. As the Middle Eastern and Asian regions became important trading partners for European companies such as the Dutch East India Company, European banks started to establish branches in these countries, which typically were interest-based. With the increasingly important role Western countries started to play in the world economy, conventional financial institutions became more dominant. On a small scale, credit union and co-operative societies based on profit- and loss-sharing principles continued to exist, but their activities were very much focused in small geographical areas. Although it was not until the mid 1980s that Islamic finance started to grow exponentially. Literature review Islamic finance is based on shariah, an Arabic term that is often translated into Islamic law. Shariah provides guidelines for aspects of Muslim life, including religion, politics, economics, banking, business, and law. Shariah-compliant financing (SCF) constitutes financial practices that conform to Islamic law. Major principles of shariah that are applicable to finance and that differ from conventional finance are: Ban on interest (riba): In conventional forms of finance, a distinction is made between acceptable interest and usurious interest. In contrast, under Islamic law, any level of interest is considered to be usurious and is prohibited. Ban on uncertainty: Uncertainty in contractual terms and conditions is not allowed, unless all of the terms and conditions of the risk are clearly understood by all parties to a financial transaction. Risk-sharing and profit-sharing: Parties involved in a financial transaction must share both the associated risks and profits. Et hical investments that enhance society: Investment in industries that are prohibited by the Quran, such as alcohol, pornography, gambling, and pork-based products, are discouraged. Asset-backing: Each financial transaction must be tied to a tangible, identifiable underlying asset. Under shariah, money is not considered an asset class because it is not tangible and thus, may not earn a return. Some question how lenders profit from financial transactions under Islamic law. For instance, in a real estate setting, SCF takes the form of leasing, as opposed to loans. Instead of borrowing money, the bank obtains the property and leases it to the shariah compliant investor, who pays rent instead of interest. Earnings of profits or returns from assets are permitted so long as the business risks are shared by the lender and borrower. Ijarah: An Ijarah contract refers to an agreement made by the Islamic Banking Institution (IBI) to lease to a customer an asset specified by the customer f or an agreed period against specified instalments of lease rental. An Ijarah contract commences with a promise to lease that is binding on the part of the potential lessee prior to entering the Ijarah contract. Istisna: An Istisna contract refers to an agreement to sell to a customer a nonexistent asset, which is to be manufactured or built according to the buyers specifications and is to be delivered on a specified future date at a predetermined selling price. Murabaha: A Murabaha contract refers to a sale contract whereby the IBI sells to a customer at an agreed profit margin plus cost (selling price), a specified kind of asset that is already in their possession. Mudarabah: A Mudarabah is a contract between the capital provider and a skilled entrepreneur whereby the capital provider would contribute capital to an enterprise or activity which is to be managed by the entrepreneur as the Mudarib (or labour provider). Profits generated by the enterprise or activity are share d in accordance with the terms of the Mudarabah agreement, while losses are to be borne solely by the capital provider unless the losses are due to the Mudaribs misconduct, negligence and breach of contracted terms. Musharakah: A Musharakah is a contract between the IBI and a customer to contribute capital to an enterprise, whether existing or new, or to ownership of a real estate or moveable asset, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Profits generated by that enterprise or real estate/asset are shared in accordance with the terms of Musharakah agreement whilst losses are shared in proportion to each partners share of capital. Salam: A Salam contract refers to an agreement to purchase, at a predetermined price, a specified kind of commodity not available with the seller, which is to be delivered on a specified future date in a specified quantity and quality. The IBI as the buyer makes full payment of the purchase price upon execution of a Salam contract. The commodity ma y or may not be traded over the counter or on an exchange. Sukuk: A Sukuk (certificate) represents the holders proportionate ownership in an undivided part of an underlying asset where the holder assumes all rights and obligations to such asset. Takaful: An equivalent to the contemporary insurance contract whereby a group of persons agree to share a certain risk (for example, damage by fire) by collecting a specified sum from each person. In case of loss to any one of the group, the loss is met from the collected funds. Islamic finance in Mauritius With the sub-prime crisis challenging conventional banking and financial products, there is mounting interest in Islamic products which comply with the principles of shariah law. The size of the global market for shariah compliant products is estimated at $800 billion. The increase in wealth in Islamic countries (especially in the Middle East with its accumulation of petrodollars), the growth in the Muslim population, the huge capital requirements for infrastructure projects across the Muslim world as well as the active participation of investors and sovereign nations in Islamic capital market have not only resulted in a remarkable growth in the Islamic finance industry but have also led to the development of a wide range of shariah compliant products. Mauritius has a long tradition of commercial banking dating back to 1812 and has historically adopted a cautious attitude to banking development. Until 2004, banking was split into two separate banking regimes offshore and onshor e with only about ten offshore banking units admitted in Mauritius. The application process was rigorous and required applicants to submit audited financial statements for the previous five years. Since 2004, however, the legal framework has been rationalized and the Banking Act amended such that all banks are now governed by one single Banking licence. The banking legislation provides for prudential regulations with respect to banks concentration of risk, weighted capital adequacy ratio, income recognition and classification of loans and advances for provisioning purposes, maintenance of accounting and other records and internal control systems. The Bank of Mauritius, the regulatory and supervisory body, has endorsed the Basle II Capital Accord and adopted the Basle Committees Core Principles for effective supervision of banks. The Bank of Mauritius has also set up a calendar for all banks to be compliant to the provisions of Basel II framework by December 2008. Furthermore, th e Bank of Mauritius forms part of the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors and are a founding member of the Eastern and Southern Africa Banking Supervisors Group which is a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) style body for the region. In August 2008, amendments were made to the Banking Act 2004 that now allows banks in Mauritius to provide Islamic Banking services. Many banks showed an immediate interest in setting up Islamic windows, thus paving the way for Islamic banking in Mauritius. With the introduction of Islamic finance, Mauritius has a great opportunity to diversify its financial sector and provide new services in the fields of banking, wealth management and investment based on shariah Compliance. Since then in Mauritius too, there is a growing demand for shariah compliant products based on the sharing of risks and rewards. Over the past few years the government has taken an array of measures to encourage the development and promotion of Islamic banking and financial se rvices. This has led to HSBC offering Islamic banking services in Mauritius. Islamic insurance (takaful) and Islamic leasing (ijara) are also available in Mauritius while microfinance is being offered by credit cooperative societies based on Islamic principles such as murabaha(deferred sale).Mauritius is also an active player in the global Islamic finance industry. Indeed, a combination of fiscal and non-fiscal factors has made Mauritius particularly attractive as a jurisdiction in which to structure Islamic financial products. A number of shariah compliant global funds have already been set up in Mauritius and there is an increasing interest in Mauritius as a place to structure Islamic bonds (sukuk). A number of shariah compliant funds have been set up in Mauritius because of its attractive taxation regime. Mauritius generally imposes a flat rate of income tax of 15%. However, funds holding a Category 1 Global Business Licence are effectively taxed at a maximum rate of 3% and ca n end up paying no income tax depending on the foreign tax credit. Dividends paid by a Mauritius company are exempt from tax and there is no capital-gains tax in Mauritius other than on sale of immovable assets in Mauritius. More importantly, Mauritius has entered into double taxation agreements (DTA) with 33 countries; this makes it particularly attractive for efficient tax structures. For example, a Mauritius fund does not pay any capital-gains tax upon the disposal of shares in an Indian company. Mauritiuss strategic position in the middle of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia, and its time zone (four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time) makes it a preferred jurisdiction for structuring investments into those emerging markets. It has a multicultural society and a pool of qualified professionals able to speak English, French, and an ancestral language such as Hindi or Arabic, thus easing communication with clients in the Middle East and other Arabic-speaking countries. Mau ritius has adequate anti-money laundering legislation and KYC (Know Your Client) regulations in place to curb the risk of attracting unlawful funds. In addition, Mauritius is not blacklisted by the OECD or Financial Action Task Force (FATF). How it is regulated in Mauritius Amendments were brought to the Banking Act 2004 by the Finance Act 2007, that existing banks licensed under the Banking Act 2004 are deemed to be licensed to carry on Islamic banking business through a window and may be granted licence by the BOM to conduct Islamic banking business eclusively. Every IBI shall conduct its business on the premise that its operations and financial means are in consonance with the ethos and value system of Islam. The parameters defining financial intermediation as conducted by the IBI shall be drawn in compliance with Shariah rules and principles. IBI shall either set up a Shariah advisory board comprising a minimum of 3 members or appoint a Shariah advisor. As an interim measure, IBIs may, among themselves but with prior consent of the Bank of Mauritius, set up a common Shariah advisory board, subject to the following conditions: (i) the common Shariah advisory board shall be instituted at the initiative of the IBIs that do not intend to have their own Shariah advisory board/ Shariah advisor, or alternatively by the Mauritius Bankers Association Limited. (ii) the common Shariah advisory board shall provide advisory support in Shariah matters, including the validation of financial products, exclusively to the IBIs that do not have their own Shariah advisory board or Shariah advisor; (iii) while ensuring that every member of the common Shariah advisory board abides by the principle of confidentiality, adequate measures shall be put in place to assess and deal with any conflict of interest that may arise out of the arrangements made for the IBIs to have recourse to a common Shariah advisory board. The Bank of Mauritius shall review the feasibility of continuing the above arrangement at an appropriate time in the light of future developments, more particularly the growth of Islamic banking in Mauritius. General Principles The prudential requirements of IBIs shall primarily subscribe to the Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), and build upon the international standards set by BCBS by accommodating for specificities of Islamic finance. The current framework as prescribed is broadly based on the global prudential standards and guiding principles advocated by the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) which is an international standard-setting organization that promotes and enhances the soundness and stability of the Islamic financial services industry. Risk Management Processes An IBI shall take an integrated and holistic approach in the management of risks that are borne on account of specificities of the Islamic financial products offered by it. An IBI shall, in conformity with Shariahs principle of prohibition in generating profit without the bearing of risks, implement a comprehensive risk management strategy in respect of the modes of financing which are essentially either (a) asset-based, (b) profit-and-loss sharing, being partnership or joint venture agreements between two parties based on Shariahs principle of Musharakah, or (c) profit-sharing and loss-bearing as defined under Mudarabah contracts. Accordingly, the IBI shall define and adopt risk mitigation techniques appropriate for each type of Islamic financial instrument held in its portfolio. 33. The IBI shall implement a sound investment strategy that is in harmony with its business objectives, while giving due consideration to the risk profile of its financial instruments and the interests of its investment account holders. A comprehensive approach to the investment strategy shall be put in place and shall comprise: (i) feasibility studies of projects and appropriate due diligence of investment partners; (ii) adoption of consistent valuation methodologies applicable for each financial instrument; (iii) monitoring of the transformation of risks inherent at each stage of the investment lifecycles; (iv) the setting up of a well-designed management information system for reporting and monitoring of risk exposures; (v) constant evaluation of market risk exposures arising from price fluctuations of the tradable assets held; and (vi) application of Shariah permissible risk mitigation techniques that will reduce the impact of any capital impairment on the investment projects. The IBI shall develop instruments of risk mitigation that are permissible and enforceable under Shariah rules. Such instruments may include collateral th at shall be subject to regular valuation, insurance coverage for value of the assets, and compensation of claims from a lessee following a loss that materializes due to negligence or breach of contract on the part of the lessee. The IBI shall have an adequate process for determining allowances for doubtful debts that include counterparty exposures, and for estimating impairment in the value of leased assets. Subject to relevance for each type of financial instrument held in its portfolio, the IBI shall set aside provisions for the losses in accordance with the requirements of the Guideline on Credit Impairment Measurement and Income Recognition. An IBI shall establish a liquidity policy framework that primarily takes into account the liquidity exposures inherent in current account deposits which are placed in the custody of the institution and are payable on demand. An effective system of liquidity management shall be put in place such that cash flow projections incorporate all c ommitments and funding requirements pertaining to fiduciary duties of the IBI towards its investment contracts. In order to meet its overall liquidity requirements, the IBI shall a priori have recourse to Shariah compliant funds while having due consideration to the constraints existent in the financial market. Transparency and Market Discipline An IBI shall establish an effective disclosure regime that promotes and reinforces international standards on transparency of financial reporting by addressing elements that are specific to Islamic financial services. Transparency is a basic principle of Shariah which has a decree forbidding concealment of evidence. Lack of transparency is viewed as emanating from an asymmetry of information which may give rise to unfair advantage in a transaction. Accordingly, an IBI shall make accurate, timely and meaningful disclosure with respect to the investment accounts held in its portfolio, while giving due recognition to the protection of propriety and confidential information. An IBI shall adopt disclosure principles that will enable market participants to assess relevant key information to enable them to monitor the performance of their investments, and to have an understanding of the methodologies used for profit calculation, asset allocation, and whenever applicable, the mechani cs of smoothing of returns. It is viewed that disclosure of material information leads to market discipline in terms of prompt adjustment in price and quantity, and will provide incentives to the IBI to avoid excessive risk-taking in the pursuit of its activities. An IBI shall abide by transparent financial and non-financial reporting practices that will work towards promoting soundness and stability of Islamic financial system.